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Kim Somers Egelsee is an Intuitive, an inspirational speaker, #1 best selling author, life and business coach who helps men and women heal their emotions, energy,and limiting beliefs, find their true gifts and purpose, flow through fear and move forward with positive communication, action, confidence and success. She focuses with you in areas of your life so that you can heal, receive intuitive guidance and move forward with peace, grace and ease.Kim is the multi #1 best selling author of the multi award winning  “Getting Your Life to a Ten +”, and “Living the Ten+ Life”(both books are still on the best seller list), co-author of 12 books; including the recent #1 best seller, “Inspirational Influencers”, a multiple award winning inspirational TEDX speaker, life and business coach,intuitive, hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, columnist and TV host. Kim has shared stages with greats; Brian Tracy, Darren Hardy, Chris Widener, Dennis Waitley, Niurka and more.  Kim is the co-host of the well known podcast “Talk Purpose and Truth” with Eden Sustin on Spotify, iTunes and more! Kim has been a co-host of the global variety talk show, “Samira’s Show, which airs to over 150 million people in Asia, Europe, Canada, United States, and Iran, she has had her own “Getting Your Life to a Ten +” web series with the Hallmark channel’s Spirit Clips speaker series and has also hosted her own web series, “Passion, Power Confidence” and “Inspirational Influencers”. Kim hosts and leads regular events and workshops, is a keynote speaker, leads business success mastermind groups, and has a Ten+ life coaching certification program. Kim also works with Kyle Wilson, (founder of Jim Rohn International, Jim’s 18 year partner, and who has worked with Jack Canfield, Og Mandino, Zig Zigler and more) with Lessons From Network as a contributor, event host and speaker, and has a course called “Ten Weeks to Confidence”.

Kim’s other course,Ten Plus Life Coaching Certification Program has been developed through Kim’s 30 plus  years of studying personal development, psychology and spirituality, working with mentors, a degree in speech communication, credentials in educational psychology, over 12 years of work in behavior modification, certifications and study  in NLP, Hypnotherapy, pranic healing, emotional healing,EFT, Supreme Influence and over 18 years in life coaching and intuitive readings. In addition, she has over 30 years of public speaking experience, a degree in speech, toastmasters training, and the entertainment industry with marketing, sponsors, producing, developing and PR. Kim offers this as a certification program, and also offers a image consultant program.

 Kim Somers Egelsee has a degree in Speech Communication Studies from California State University of Long Beach, as well as credentials as an Education Specialist and in culture, language and diversity with a large emphasis on educational psychology. She worked in the field of special education for over ten years in different areas; as a behavior program specialist focusing on behavior modification and life/job skills coaching for adults with extreme behavioral issues, she worked with children doing behavior therapy and applied behavioral analysis and then as a teacher for children with special/severe needs where she also utilized behavior modification, taught life skills, and education. She also worked at a shelter for victims of domestic violence. Kim was a member of toastmasters,  has had voice lessons, and has been a producer/host/writer/manager/P.R. person in the entertainment industry, belonging to Screen Actors guild since 1993. She has spoken for and hosted events for many businesses and groups including being keynote speaker for Magnolia and Vine’s Bloom conference in Minnesota, Brian Tracy’s Sales Mastery Anniversary event in Dallas, Texas, All Women Rock event, Uptown Women’s Club, Erik Swanson’s Habitudes event, Real Estate Investor Goddesses event, UCLA, L.A. Parks and Recreation, The National Association of Balanced Moms,  Park Regency Realty, Sales Coach Now Live, Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez awards luncheon, Extreme Results Fitness, Women Empowered,The Key Club, Paramount Studios,  The Discovery Channel, VH1, and more, and has been an elite expert at The Beverly Hills Health and Fitness Expo, an expert for Sales Coach Now’s Conversations and Coffee Series, a guest on Feel Free In The OC radio show, The Social Sandbox radio show, Financially Wise Woman TV Show, The Amanda Russell Show web series (where they had “Kim Somers Week, and “Fit Strong and Sexy Stars of Summer””), and various other media spots including a featured hit song on The Smoothe Mix #1 best selling album.

Kim is an award winner for …..the Beverly Hills Book Awards Finalist, Congressional Recogniton as a speaker from the U.S. house of Representatives for her inspirational message, thoughtful perspective and positive impact on the status of women in our society, Extraordinary Author of the year award from Get Branded Press in 2013, The Visionary Entrepreneur of the year award with Today’s Innovative Woman Magazine and is featured on the cover of the November/December issue, winner of the Connecting award from Pina De Rosa’s Gratitude International Summit, winner of the “Success Maven” award from She Rises School of Success, and nominee for an L.A. Business Journal success award. Kim has led many  mastermind groups, women’s monthly events and groups called, “Willow Tree Women’s Circle in Orange County where she speaks, hosts, interviews and leads roundtable discussions, regular workshops on Discovering Your Life Purpose, regular Women’s Exhilaration Day Retreats, Full Filled in Love Workshops, and is continuously speaking at upcoming workshops and seminars. She coaches individuals, couples, parents, and those with special needs, struggles, and life challenges. She is a columnist for The Scoop L.A. newspaper, Living Fit O.C. , AKA Mom Magazine, and loves to do outreach for animals and our planet, and has lived a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle for over 23 years. 

Kim has been super happily married for  twenty one years and has 2 beautiful daughters Nia and Noella. She enjoys public speaking, traveling the world, reading, yoga, vintage shopping, event planning and meeting new people. She has been described as authentic, warm, vibrant, the real deal, intuitive, compassionate and wise. 

Kim was once asked to rate her life happiness and fulfillment between one and ten, and she honestly replied “a ten”plus, which is just one of the reasons she genuinely feels she can help others get to a ten plus also.

Kim Somers Egelsee you inspire me in so many ways! Not only are you one of the most positive people I know, you are also living a life that anyone would be extremely fortunate to have. I know that you created that through the essence of your being and the principles and techniques you teach others. You are a living example that living a 10 plus life is possible. Thank you!-Justine Arian; coach/author/speaker