“Kim has often been described as a connector, someone who is loving, inspiring and accepting,and confident leader and go getter who walks her talk.”

Just finished the first session of Kim Kim Somers Egelsee’s 10 Weeks to Confidence Course. This is going to be extremely valuable to me both personally and in my business life. Looking forward WITH CONFIDENCE to the next 10 weeks! Thanks Kim for a great start! If you missed signing up for this one, don’t miss the next one! – Wayne Byrd

 Started the morning off on a Confidence High with my 10 year old. She’s auditioning for the School Play very shortly and while she was feeling “nervous” & “anxious” … We turned it around to EXCITED, ANTICIPATING GREATNESS, PROUD of MYSELF for BEING BOLD!!! SO proud of her, and happy I have the Confidence Tools to Boost her Beautiful Spirit!! Have an Amazing Day Everyone!!!!! – Stephanie Laurent

Not just fluff! Very meaty with great exercises and takeaways! Awesome!!! – Deborah Biggers

Great Job! I love the way that you get people away from self centered, yet the undertone is self focused, by focusing on the thoughts and behaviors. Thank you so much! Excited for the next 9 weeks! Ron Jones

That visualization last night of the mentor and the “Bubble” where we put our fears, doubts, and concerns in it and then pop it….was truly an awesome concept. I don’t know where you came up with this idea but it is brilliant and a great way to meditate our troubles away. Thank you for sharing! – Lisa Magdalenski

“This course has really been helping me a lot more than what I even thought it would.  I have always tried to figure out what my life purpose is because I really don’t have a big life purpose, I’m living it basically.  When you said it’s to become my best self, I was like wow, okay that is my life purpose to be my best self.  So thank you so much!” – Anita Salazar

Earlier today sent an email to some clients asking them for testimonials to share in regard to their success with my training/coaching for a presentation I’m doing next week. The feedback in my emails is so uplifting! Kim Somers Egelsee this is right in line with our homework. I’m feeling the change already! You said that would happen, wow! Thank you! – Maria Mizzi; Fitness/Wellness/Confidence Expert

Kim Somers Egelsee inspires everyone she meets to be a better person and reach for their highest potential! Getting Your Life to a 10+ gives you everything you need to take action, find your passion and embrace the world around you! Jacqueline Kettle; Educator; Stockholm, Sweden

“Fear is denying yourself the permission to have it all” – this quote, I found at the end of Kim’s book ‘Getting your life to a TEN+’ – has been the essence that has been sticking my mind and my little motivator since last summer. I moved back to Italy, my home country, 4 years ago and I happened to clash a little with I reality I wasn’t used to anymore. While working full time I decided also to enroll in University to pursue the degree I’ve been dreaming about for a while. But I realized it was quite the challenge, here (almost) noone ever goes back to school in their 40s, it’s almost unheard of. I got strange attitudes from the professors as well while meeting them for the first time during the exams (I can’t attend classes as they do not offer evening classes for people who work…). And then I just got my ultimate “kick” after reading her so inspiring book, it was perfect! Kim places it all there for you step by step, no matter what you goal is it’s up to you and you only to make it happen! Thank you for all the positive energy you have been able to send over so many miles away!!! Suzette Pirozzi; Disney Channel On Air at 3Zero2 TV Milan, Italy

I joined a couple times Willow tree events in Mission hills. Kim is beautiful,enthusiastic,inspiring,friendly,motivational,smart coach. I have her Cd. To this day I practice what she recommended. The only thing I regret is not having the time to attend all of her seminars and stick with her as glue. I am blessed to know her.-Slavica Tomasi

 Kim Somers Egelsee Is a powerful, positive presence. Her Willow Tree events are inspiring and fun! She is gracious and generous with her wisdom and desire to help others live more fully. I am touched to know Kim & her book is a fabulous resource for anyone who wants to live an expanded life!- Jaime Kalman Chipko; coach/TV host

 “Thank you for including me in  such a special day! It was a treat to be able to share at the end of the day when everyone was so clear due to all of the work they did with you, Lisa, Sonya and Claudia!

You are so right,so many women need this kind of work so they can love themselves! Thank YOU for being in your purpose and serving all of us! It was a wonderful day for me to experience and reconnect with myself as well I felt full of love when I left! You created the perfect container for women to expand and grow. I kept hearing over and over again, This was such a wonderful day of connection I have gotten so much! There is such a need for strong feminine leadership in the world right now. Women can truly be feminine graceful and beautiful and still stand firmly and fully in their power. Hugs and cheers to you.-Ursula Mentjes-
Founder of Sales Coach Now and Author of:
“Selling With Intention” and “One great Goal

“On June 5th my daughter would have been 16. Every year I never know if this is going to be a year I slide by with a few tears or a bucket full. Last Summer is when I reached out to Kim for a phone session, not expecting what would come out of it. I was planning to work on my self image issues. Well, that was not God’s plan. I had a transformation that took place inside of me that day. After my session, Kim and I talked about my experience and I mentioned to her that all of these years I was holding onto my daughter and never let her pass over to the other side, and I was finally able to let her go home. Thank you Kim for helping me to release her so I can one day be a Mom again. You gave me a gift that I am so grateful for. Sharing many smiles.

-Sativa Castellucci-

” On behalf of Women Empowered, I’d like to extend my warmest gratitude for the amazing workshop Kim provided. Not only was Kim’s workshop empowering and insoghtful, but so much fun! The fun exercises and interactive workshop helped us bond as a group and allowed us to feel comfortable while still learning sll of the tools and techniques Kim has to offer. Kim’s passion and enthusiasm was so contagious that I couldn’t help but feel better about myself and gain a more positive perspective on all areas of my life. We all enjoyed it so much and cannot thank Kim enough for her time and knowledge

-Shelly Ulaj-“Women Empowered”

” Wanted to thank you for an amazing time last night. I gained a lot from your workshop. I appreciate how genuine you are, and with all of your knowledge and experience you truly practice what you preach, and don’t allow your ego to influence you. That is very hard to find in individuals.”

-Mahastee Mehdizadeh-
“CEO of Forward Life”

” You are amazing and yes, what a blessing to have been there in a circle of fabulous women of all ages at Willow Tree Women’s Circle. Lots of fun high energy and fast paced. Couldn’t ask for more. Looking forward big time to the next one.”

-Claudia Cooley; Best Selling Author-

 You were the one who opened the door to bringing out my true-self. I don’t forget the time my negative bubble popped and has remained that way since. Thank you doesn’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am for you!

My new motto has been, there is nowhere else to go but up and I keep on climbing.-Laura Rojas-Real Estate Professional

 “Thank you! I feel like a new person since I have been meeting with you!”-Wendy Feinberg-

” Thank you so much for inviting me to your Willow Tree Women’s Circle workshop. I got a lot out of it and had fun! Your workshop brings balance, which is what we all need. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday, and each month after!”

-Susie Augustin; CEO; Sexy Fit and Fab-

“Customer service is a high priority for our Department and your discussion on how to better relate to people in order to better serve them was a big hit. Thanks again, Kim, for your service to the County of Los Angeles.”

-Russ Guiney-
“Director of Los Angeles County
Dept. of Parks and Recreation”

“You are an amazing inspiration! Thank you for taking the time and effort to talk with me, and help me get my life on the right track. Thank you for being so authentic. It creates a very safe and honest space to be in. With you in my corner, how can I go wrong in this life? I can’t wait to see where we go from here!!!”

-Just Krisna-

“I loved the “Empowering Your Life In Every Way” seminar, it was awesome!Kimberly Byers-Owner Mood Swings Salon-

“Kim, your information and guidance was priceless. Thank you so much! All the tools you have given me to move forward in my life…you’re the best! I highly recommend you contact her to work with you on your life path and goals.”-Monica McKenna-

“In one session, you have already helped me more than my therapy sessions”-A.Boots-

“My one on one meeting with Kimmy was amazing. She asked me questions that guided me into really looking at what is important to me. I really had to sit down and think about it and some of the answers surprised me. I especially have used the quote she told me. “What are you saying no to?” I ask myself this all the time now when I am deciding on how to use my time and whether I want to engage in an activity. I’m also more aware of my thoughts and my thinking process. I use something that Kimmy has taught me AT LEAST once a day now”

-Casey Krebs; CEO Urban Hippie Granola-

“Thank you so much for your kindness with me. Your advices and guidance are AMAZING to me!! xoxo”-Patricia Prata

“Kim is absolutely the change she wishes to see in the world”

-Howard Crampton Jr-