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Kim was a guest on the amazing Lisa Haisha's Legacy Series in early 2016! Go to to watch


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This show has over 150 million viewers and amazing inspirational guests

Just go to to watch episodes! Special guests Kim has interviewed include Shajen Joy Aziz, Demien Lichtenstein, Niurka, Peggy Tanous, Deborah Kagan, Christopher Clay Jones, Tanjareen, Susie Feldman, Jeanette Ortega and more!

Kim has had her own 5 episode web series called "Getting Your Life to a Ten +" with Hallmark Channel's Spirit Clips Speaker's series

The Amanda Russell Show had a featured "Kim Somers Egelsee" week where Kim was featured guest on one episode and Amanda Russell did a special Kim inspired work out on another episode

Kim has been a featured expert on Financially Wise Woman Tv Show w host Brittany Castro

Kim was a featured guest on "Motivational Chat" Tv show w host Jaime Kalman on

Kim has been a guest on Caren Taubman Glasser's The Passion Point TV Show, Susan Levin and Jean Noel Bassier's The Book Beat TV show, on Ultimate, and more!


Kim was a guest on Helen Woo's radio show Sept 11th

Kim will be a guest on the National Women's Conference radio show Sept 18thGetting your life to a 10 plus with Kim Somers Egelsee

Kim has been a guest on many radio shows including shows with hosts Tera McHugh, Kerri Zane, Marisa Nakhi, Stewart Joseph, Johnathon Colbert, Nancy Ferrari, Starla Porter, and many more!!!

Listen to Kim talk about living a ten plus life w Nancy Ferrari

Listen to Daily Mind Juice Radio Show w Stewart Joseph July 24, 2012 interview here

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This is Kim Somers Egelsee and Ursula Mentjes

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"Thank you Kim for playing with us in the Social Sandbox! You've provided us a lot to "build off of" for both personal and business purposes. :)"- THE SOCIAL SANDBOX RADIO SHOW-


Kim was featured on the cover of the Winter issue 2012 of Today's Innovative Woman magazine

Kim has been featured on the cover of several issues of The Scoop L.A.

Kim is a columnist for famous celebrity publicist and best selling author Michael Levine's LBN E-lert and has been featured on the LBN-Noticed page

Kim is featured along w Willow Tree in Tiffany Hendra's ezine

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